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The Hogan Group also acquires investment properties. We are a qualified buyer with a strong portfolio. If you have any properties with the following criteria’s, please send them our way:

Property Description: Type: Garden Style, Mid-Rise and High Rise Apartments

Asset Class: A to D

Location Quality: B to D

Property Size: 16 to 500 units; single asset or portfolios

Pricing: $1 million to $20 million

Year Built: 1920’s to new construction

Preferred Market: California

Investment Structure: All cash to seller, and loan assumptions on a case-by-case basis.

Investment Objectives: The Hogan Group has yield requirements that commensurate with the risks and opportunities presented by each property. We focus on sub- markets with “barriers to entry” and/or properties available below replacement cost. Additionally, we look for properties requiring a renovation or upgrade where the property’s grade or class is below that of the other competitive properties in its market.

Property Submissions to Include:

Financial Information

  • Current and year-to-date operating statements
  • Prior year’s operating statement
  • Current rent roll

Property Information

  • Address
  • Physical description & property pictures